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Thread: Skin Development on Vista

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    Disregard, I figured it out

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    Quote Originally Posted by JT555 View Post
    Ive been getting around vista by ctrl-alt-s for skin saves then just copying the .sdi and .skn to the car.

    Chuck, will the vista menu problems be fixed in the next release? I was waiting to find out before i go back to XP.

    Another solution would be to allow dev in GDI mode. The Virtual PC runs XP and SD fine within Vista, it just doesn't support Direct3D.
    The problems come from a library we are using that doesn't have a vista update yet. I don't know when it will be fixed, definitly not in the next update. Developer (I am Chuck)
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    These are the settings:

    These are the results:



    The one thing you cannot do is drag and drop images - you have to "insert" an image object, then set it to the file in the skin directory

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    Ahh, works perfectly under compatibility mode.
    I'm glad i can stay with Vista, i was just starting to really like it.

    thanks 06TC.

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    For anything that is giving you problems in Vista, do what 06TC lays out above. It will fix the issue 99% of the time. For anything that doesn't work in Vista no matter what, and you absolutely must have it, you have two choices if you don't want to get rid of Vista altogether: install XP on another partition of the HD and use a dual-boot app to have both of them, or, even easier, use Microsoft Virtual PC, and use XP as the OS on your Virtual PC.

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    So keep running vista on your machine and use virtual pc 2007 to run xp. If your running vista at all hopefully you have the resources to run that...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nola111 View Post
    ... or, even easier, use Microsoft Virtual PC, and use XP as the OS on your Virtual PC.
    I actually tried that, but no go. SD require direct3d.MS Virtual PC uses a software virtual video card, which obviously has no hardware 3d rendering capabilities. Now you can use the -gdi command line switch to force SD to open without it, but not in the development environment.

    Quote Originally Posted by god_of_cpu View Post
    The development enviornment does not support vista yet. It will startup and you can do somethings, but the menus are non-functional.
    I've been using SD on my Vista laptop the past few days fine (finally!) Try switching of UAC from the control panel if you are having problems, if you can't get SD to even open in Vista this thread discusses what may need to be done.
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