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Thread: Testers wanted for Palm/Windows Mobile front end

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    any support for WM6?

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    Quote Originally Posted by PDAKey View Post
    I have not tried it on a 700w...I do have a shutdown function in the app that appears to be the problem. Are you able to run the app on the handheld device and then get this message when you exit?
    It actually just shows up randomly while the program is running. Even if I have another program in front of it.

    The .sdz should install the plug-in with the GUID address underneath your StreetDeck directory. There is no user interface for the just runs and handles the .NET interface calls from the handheld device. I'll have to double check how I generated the .SDZ file from within the development environment.
    So I won't see it from WITHIN StreetDeck then? Should I see it under the plug-in folder from within the StreetDeck directory?
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    any update on this?

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