Frequently Asked Questions Regarding StreetDeck

General Questions
  • Is there a StreetDeck manual?
  • Is StreetDeck just a software application?
    Yes, it is a "Frontend" that ties all your CarPC related hardware into one easy, intuitive and functional interface.
  • Does StreetDeck run inside Windows?
    StreetDeck is an application that currently runs on the Windows operating system.

Software Questions
  • When will we be expected to pay for an update and when will an update be free?
    All minor updates will remain free for the currently developed version of StreetDeck.
    We have been thinking about what a 2.0 version will mean and at some point we will probably stop releasing features for this version and go to work making some major changes for a completely new version. Patches will continue for any bugs found during this time though. A lot of what is driving the need for a 2.0 and not just doing incremental updates is that to improve a lot of the features to the next level, we need to spend a good deal of money to license some better technology ourselves and the 2.0 version we are currently planning won't be something we will be able to release as a free upgrade. There would certainly be an upgrade path for existing users. That upgrade path is yet to be determined.
  • What do I do if I find what I think is a bug in StreetDeck?
    Post your bug reports here, following the appropriate form.
  • What is the log file?
    The Log File is a record of every behind-the-scenes action that StreetDeck takes. It is extremely useful for troubleshooting and fixing bugs.
  • Where do I find the log file?
    The Log File is located in the following path (C:\Documents and Settings\YOURUSERNAME\My Documents\StreetDeck\Log)
  • What will be in the next patch?
    This will be determined by the features that are being worked on. In an effort to keep updates coming at regular intervals, some features might be pushed back .in order to ensure that all features that are implemented work as intended.
  • Will StreetDeck run on Windows Vista?
    StreetDeck will run on Vista with the latest update from our site.
  • What are the software dependencies of StreetDeck?
    StreetDeck has a number of required and optional dependencies in order to work properly. When purchasing a complete StreetDeck system, all these dependencies are already installed with the system. You will only need to download and install these if installing StreetDeck on a non-preconfigured system.
    NOTE: The bold items in the list below are required, all others are optional, but may limit the functionality of StreetDeck if not installed

  • Why are certain features disabled while driving?
    StreetDeck software is developed here in the United States. As such, the software must abide by United States laws and regulations. Many states restrict the use of certain activities while driving or while the vehicle is in motion. Some features are disabled for safety reasons and to ensure that it will comply with any state and local laws/ordinances.
  • Can I change the visualizations in StreetDeck?
    The visualizations in StreetDeck are not intended to be changed.
  • How can I make the StreetDeck Navigation Routing more accurate?
    Within StreetDeck, there are settings for the GPS. You can tell StreetDeck if you prefer to take back roads, main roads, the shortest routes or the quickest routes. You can also tell StreetDeck your average driving speeds for the types of roads you are on (side roads, highways, residential streets, etc.)
    Setting these options, will help to make the navigation system within StreetDeck more accurate.
  • How can I configure StreetDeck for the best performance?
    The number one most critical thing for running StreetDeck efficiently is to control the frame rate to a level your graphics card and CPU can handle.
    Since StreetDeck uses the Direct3D graphics card for all rendering, it means if you have a fully compatible Direct3D card, all the rendering work will be offloaded to the card, leaving the primary CPU free to do other work in the background. However, if the 3D card is not fast enough or doesn't support enough Direct3D features to keep up with the frame rate, it means it will use the CPU time to complete the rendering and slow down the entire performance of the system.
    45 fps is probably the best bang for your buck, there are diminishing returns as you push it higher and 60 fps is the maximum effective frame rate, anything above this and you won't notice much of a difference.

Hardware Questions

  • What hardware will BlueTooth require?
    The BlueTooth kit that is avaliable on the store.
  • Will I be able to have hands-free support, like an OEM system?
    The features of the Bluetooth implementation in StreetDeck follow the same featres as many OEM systems.
  • What OBD-II hardware will work with StreetDeck?
    The ElmScan 5 USB has been tested with StreetDeck. You can find a review here
    • Can I edit my car's original computer with this?
      OBD-II scanning is ment to be used as a diagnostic tool. In general, you cannot modify your cars ECU with an OBD-II tool.
  • What happens if I buy a new CarPC? How can I transfer my license of StreetDeck?
    To transfer your already licensed copy of StreetDeck to another computer, please follow this link:
  • What do I need to use XM Radio with StreetDeck?
    You will need an XM tuner and a cable to connect this tuner to your computer. The store sells both items here
  • I have my own GPS antenna, will it work with StreetDeck?
    Most GPS antennas have been shown to work with StreetDeck. One of the most common GPS antenna/recievers is the GlobalStat BU-353
  • I have my own rear view camera, will it work with StreetDeck?
    Most rear view cameras have been shown to work with StreetDeck. One of the more common cameras is the one sold here on the store. You can find it here
  • Is there a list of supported StreetDeck Hardware?
    The Infill G4 is the prefered hardware to use with StreetDeck.

StreetDeck Lite Questions
  • What's the difference between the Lite and the full version of StreetDeck?
    For a complete discussion on this topic, please see this thread: StreetDeck Limited Edition Released for $119.00
    What you are purchasing is simply a registration code for the trial version. You will be e-mailed a registration code after you submit your machine codes, but will be not be shipped a DVD.
    • No Navigation Data
    • No DVD
    • No Enhanced Voices
  • Can I incorporate my own MapPoint software into StreetDeck?
    Yes. In the Lite version of StreetDeck, if you wish to use the Navigation functionality, you must provide your own copy of Mappoint (2004 or 2006).
  • Can I incorporate any other Navigation programs into StreetDeck (Destinator, iGuidance, etc.)?
    No. So that we can ensure the quality of the product, we cannot support multiple navigation engines. StreetDeck utilizes a custom integration of the Mappoint software. Because of this, no other navigation software will be compatible with the software.