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Thread: Replaced my Mac Mini

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    Replaced my Mac Mini

    I purchased Streetdeck last year and had been running it on a MacMini/BootCamp. I decided I missed the Mac too much in my house. I found a little refurbished IBM Slim ThinkCenter P4 2.66 at MicroCenter for $250, replaced the hard drive with a larger one I had lying around, and replaced the PS with the DSATX220. I partitioned my drive for dual boot with XP Pro SP2, Vista Ultimate, and a Data partition; figuing I will probably switch to Vista soon enough. Currently I am running SD on XP Pro SP2. I installed Mappoint 2006 and the developer version of SD for bench testing. Everything seemed fine, so I intalled it in the car and activated SD on the new system. I don't remember if I updated to 1081 before or after it was in the car, but definately before I activated it. I also definately didn't use my original SD intallation DVD, I used the current downloadable version . With that essay of background information, here are my actual issues and questions:

    Does 1081 run on Vista? I don''t intend to do any development.

    If the the XP partition and Vista partition are on the same physical drive, will SD generate the same registration codes? Would I break the license agreement if I have SD installed on both partitions?

    Do I need to install off my retail SD DVD if I have Mappoint 2006 intalled? Are there other featrures that only install with the DVD?

    Currently: SD Crashes immediately when I press navigation. I don't think this happened before 1081, but I'm not certain. Mappoint works fine on its own, including gps tracking. Also, I know SD is getting informaiton from the gps because it locks me out of the approriate menus while in motion. Reading other posts, I supected video overlay, so I tried resetting the configuration, but that didn't help. Next I tried setting to low performance mode, but that crashed too.

    Let me know if some of this should have been posted in bugs. I suspect user errors and not bugs.

    Any help is much appreciated. -Steve

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    Don't switch to vista. Way more headaches than it's worth.
    Build Two:
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    Quote Originally Posted by EvilLawnGnome View Post
    Don't switch to vista. Way more headaches than it's worth.
    +1 waaaaaayyy too many incompatibility issues... not only with Streetdeck but all the other drivers and all too..... Vista came free with my new system.....I used it and gave up. Im using my copy of XP and it works great

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