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Thread: Music Indexing Failure in

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    Music Indexing Failure in

    After a clean install i am unable to index my music. The picture is of the error i get while in streetdeck.

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    Welcome to the boards. Let me help you with a couple of points to help you get your answer faster, and have less of a chance of getting yelled at by a moderator:

    1. Post this in the Streetdeck Bug Reports subforum.
    2. Do not double-post. Try and delete your other post that is the same as this one, and if you can't delete it, reply to it, and ask a moderator to delete it for you. Once you re-post this in the correct subforum, also reply to this one asking a moderator to delete this since you've moved it to the correct forum.
    3. In your new post, post your log as an attachment, not a direct paste into the field of your message.

    Welcome again...

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