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Thread: Navigation broke after upgrade

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    Navigation broke after upgrade

    here is the log... any thoughts?

    EDIT: This is running on vista.

    INFO: Message Box:
    Please wait while navigation initializes.
    INFO: CNAVController::InitializeMappoint_Help - Creating North American Map.
    INFO: CNAVController::InitializeMappoint_Help - mappoint host window created.
    WARNING: CNAVController::InitializeMappoint_Help - Could not find mappoint communication window! This usually means the StreetDeck Mappoint Add-In is not properly installed. Attempting to reregister.
    INFO: UV_ExecuteAndWait - Waiting for process ("regsvr32.exe" /s "C:\Program Files\StreetDeck\MappointAddin.dll")...
    INFO: UV_ExecuteAndWait - Process ("regsvr32.exe" /s "C:\Program Files\StreetDeck\MappointAddin.dll") completed.
    INFO: Message Box:
    Navigation Failed!
    Navigation failed to initailize properly. Is the navigation data installed?

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    Same here!

    I have the same issue on Vista Home Premium. I have tried everything and can't get Nav to work on Vista. someone please help!!!

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    This finally fixed NAV for me on Vista Home Premium. after a month of searching through threads. This was a post from Nola111 on another thread (thank you, thank you, thank you!) you saved a few more hairs from falling out of my head. I knew it would be something simple that fixed it.

    You're having the same problem I'm having. Most folks have been able to remedy it with an uninstall/reinstall of Mappoint. I unfortunately have not been able to get Nav to work on Vista no matter what I try. I can't get my system to recognize the SD Mappoint plugin under Vista.

    Try the following:
    1. Make sure UAC is disabled.
    2. Enable the Administrator account of your pc.
    3. Login as Administrator
    4. Open Mappoint
    5. Go to Tools - Addins
    6. Make sure the checkbox for Streetdeck Mappoint is checked.
    7. Hit Ok, and if you don't get an error message, you should be good to go.

    Log out and log back in as your other account and you should be set. "

    Thank you again Nola111 for the post!


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