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Thread: Streetdeck install

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    Streetdeck install

    ive been trying to install Streetdeck and im having problems. What codes do I enter? i have the hardware code and the check code but how do I enter these? I bought the dvd from here with no install instructions what so ever. ive searched this form and i cant find anything about the install code. please help!

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    Have you sent in your hardware and check codes? You have to send those in to the store to get your activation codes.

    The instructions for this are located in the strore item:

    it says the following:

    1. Download and install the StreetDeck trial version from and verify that it works on your computer
    2. Purchase this item from the Mp3car store
    3. This license is only good for one computer. Make sure you install StreetDeck on the computer you intend to run it on.
    4. Run the trial version of StreetDeck which will give you a machine code and check code
    5. After receiving your order confirmation e-mail goto and enter the appropriate information
    6. Soon after you enter your codes and your purchase is verified, the mp3car store will send you an email containing the registration code for your hardware which you can then enter into the trial version of StreetDeck to activate all of its features (Navigation will not work until you install compatible StreetDeck navigation data shipped on the StreetDeck DVD).
    7. Wait for the DVD to be shipped to you which will install the navigation data and text to speech voices.
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    yeah, I just figured that out with some more searching last night. I was so excited to install this and then it was asking me for the codes and of course no direction what to do or how to get them. Many thanks for the guidance.

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