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Thread: bluetooth SD Vs centrafse

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    bluetooth SD Vs centrafse

    why you don't use the same system of centrafuse, they use to connect the bt and we can use every bt dongle.
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    why you want use html on vb code forum?

    Phone control does not work with "every bt dongle." You still need to spend alot of time configuring the BT Stack for your phone, and even then you often times can't get the hands free profile to work properly. It is a matter of compatibility. The great folks of streetdeck are doing a wonderful thing by not releasing this until it is done. The compatibility base will be much higher, the connections will be more reliable, and the final product will be MUCH better. They aren't going to release a product unless it works.
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    Having used phoneco for several years and im glad streetdeck is working on dedicated hardware.

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    The only way that PhoneControl works without issue, consistently, with stability, and without having to tweak many advanced settings, is if you have a Sony Ericsson phone. Any other phone, and get ready for a world of headaches.

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    I've downloaded PhoneCo multiple times, and I could never get it to run on my system (fresh install of XP SP2)...would hang EVERY time. I have a SonyEricsson phone, but it never mattered much, since I couldn't run PhoneCo to test it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by giannidsg View Post
    why you don't use the same system of centrafuse, they use to connect the bt and we can use every bt dongle.
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    The better question is why does bluetooth want to make my life harder? The current solution we are working on is really the third solution we have undertaken and every time before resorting back to a proprietary answer, we went back and looked at can we get the hands free audio profile to work at least as well with a generic bluetooth dongle as it would in a typical bluetooth hands free kit for a car and despite how tempting it is, the answer is just so clearly and utterly no, that we had no other option then to just dump more and more resources into making something better from scratch. Even given our most optimistic projections of what we expect to sell of the bluetooth dongle, it would still would have been far more profitable for us to sell software based on a solution based on a generic bluetooth dongle then to build and sell all of the backend hardware and software from scratch.

    All the posts mentioned so far are all valid points, but even above and beyond that the primary reason really had little to do with how capable phone control is or even with the level of phone compatibility. The first problem is just of the quality of bluetooth dongles and drivers in windows in general. Forget about the fact that they don't directly support the hands free profile and have to be seemingly forced unwillingly to do such a thing. I have tested several dongles on an array of computers and quite simply, I couldn't get any reliably installed to even evaluate the bluetooth solutions. The drivers are huge and they install several virtual devices which always seem to be problematic, I've never even been able to get any of the several standard windows bluetooth dongles working on my primary development machine. I had some success on some on some of the lab machines, but just getting it up and running consistently was not something I ever figured out how to do and even on the rare system that it installed perfectly the first time, it was usually an extremely frustrating experience to keep it up and running long enough to figure out if it was even possible to communicate with a phone in a practical way. Developer (I am Chuck)
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