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Thread: Nav not working in trial...

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    Nav not working in trial...


    I just got my carpc built and installed the SD trial, along with mappoint 2006. For some reason, the NAV in SD is not working. The Compass works, but I don't get a map display and if I try to create a route, it will not find any addresses that I type in. From what I have read, the NAV is supposed to work in the trial, given you install MapPoint. Has this changed? I like streetdeck, but I would like to use it's features in full before purchasing the full version. Should I try a re-install, and if so, should I re-install SD, MP 2006 or both? Should one be installed before the other?



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    I figured out why I was having this problem. I somehow left my mappoint cd back at home, but I brought streets and trips with me. Didn't even pay attention to it while I was installing, and to me, the two programs look identical once installed. I noticed it today, but luckily my streetdeck dvd is on it's way, so I should be good by tomorrow.

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