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Thread: First impressions, bugs and features of Infill G4 & Street Deck

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    First impressions, bugs and features of Infill G4 & Street Deck

    I installed my G4 last Sunday. Since then it's been an interesting and exciting experience. I revel in knowing I'm probably the only guy in all of Seattle, WA to have one, and I enjoy showing it off to my friends -- making them jealous of course. Below is a list of bugs, shortcoming and features that I strongly feel need to be addressed in future versions of StreetDeck. I am really impressed with parts of this product, and other's I think to myself, "don't they actually USE their own product, because these seem obvious to me". I don't mean any of this as a slight to the outstanding achievement that is StreetDeck (especially for a v1.1 product).

    I've been a coder for nearly 20 years. I've programmed everything from web tools to 3D games. Lot's of GUI and useability experience. Before anyone tells me to create my own skin or mods -- I didn't just plunk down $2000 to write fixes. If you open source the product, I might be more inclined. In my opinion, these are flaws that the core product should address, not features per se.

    • more power to the USB ports, or more USB ports in the back
    • needs illuminated eject and power buttons. opening the display, you can't see them at night.
    • the harness should have the ends pre-stripped like the (toyota) adapter harness was. it's tedious to have to snip all those wires.
    • the fan is a tad noisy. it's better when all sealed up in the car, but you can still hear it. if you're an audiophile listening to soft passages (like classical or something) this is a problem as you can hear the fan humming along.
    • the eject button is too easy to hit. it should be a double tap or long hold or in the upper right corner.
    • holding the volume up/down does change the volume, but the indicator "meter bar" on the right doesn't update until you release
    • {10/03/2007} When you go into suspend, the fan should shut off or go into a very slow spin if any cooling is needed. It's too loud to keep running and it's just a waste.
    • {10/03/2007} There should be an external line in on the G4. There is a software setting for it, but no HW way? For example, to hook up an external 1/8" of a Zune or something that a friend might bring in the car.
    • {11/05/2007} The clock/date keep needing to be reset. It's starting to really become annoying. Just today I had to set it manually TWICE (on the way to work, then again when i got in the car after work). I've owned maybe 20+ Windows computers in my life, and I've NEVER had a single one forget the date/time like this.

    • overall, I think the buttons are way too wide and waste valuable screen real-estate
    • in many cases there could be two columns of buttons
    • some buttons are way too thin (like the setup/configuration screens)
    • the version shows as, however I installed (the 'd' should be displayed or stop using the letter and just call it
    • the onscreen keyboards should be QWERTY ! or at least have an option to show it as such
    • related to G4 hardware, it's too easy to hit the eject button. perhaps a confirmation dialog before opening? or make eject a double tap or long hold action.
    • my mute button doesn't work?! it 'chirps' but doesn't actually mute sound
    • selecting the camera causes a catastrophic lockup or BSOD. usually I see something about "vtdisp.dll". I don't have a camera installed even.
    • the huge "Mute" text is just silly. it looks so out of place and awkward. Why not make the upper right speaker in red, and show the classic icon of a speaker in a circle with a line through it.
    • toggle fullscreen is always on top. that's irritating when you want to quickly switch to XP desktop to fire up you WiFi or something. There should be a button to "minimize".
    • when returning from standby, SD should remember EXACTLY the screen you were in
    • eye-candy feature: when I press keys on my real USB keyboard, light up the SD keys on the virtual keyboard
    • all keyboard/searches should HIDE the keys/letters that I can't choose (like the 'contact search' does). it really helps when driving as you don't have to hunt and peck so much.
    • the text in some setup screens is really big and in a box that makes it scroll - huh?! why would you think that was good?
    • {10/03/2007} dimming (night mode) does not go nearly dim enough. the screen is so bright at night, it's blinding -- thank God the Scion tC has that shade I can pull down. The settings should allow me to set the dim all the way to black if I want.
    • {11/05/2007} There needs to be a button or gesture to blank the screen. This thing is just to brite at night, and as mentioned in the bullet above, the night mode slider does not allow you to make the screen dim enough. The blank screen mode should honor gestures (so i can switch tracks FW/RW, etc) but NOT go out of 'blank screen' mode until I use some gesture to return to normal mode again.
    • {11/05/2007} I'm not sure who maintains the Wiki, but I've tried several of the plugins and they don't install -- they only crash my StreetDeck. I've also tried a few skins and NOTHING has worked -- I'm still stuck with the default one.
    • {11/05/2007} I finally found the "voice recognition" section of Street Deck, sadly when I tried to start it, it said something about 'training the microphone on the next screen', then it puked about some module/plugin not being loaded. *sigh* Is this supposed to work?

    • I strongly believe you need to read "outlook.pst" files. directly. I want to see my tasks and calendar whenever I turn on SD. plus the contacts could be used with the PHONE module.
    • WiFi indicator. This should be a simple icon (think winXP wifi indicator in taskbar). the icon should illustrate signal strength and be a button that either wraps (ideally) or at least triggers the windows wifi applet so I can get online quick and easy. bonus points if the icon shows ESSID, IP, WEP. ideally if this module lets me connect via the SD GUI, it should have an option to filter out secured AP's and an 'auto-hop' feature would be great!!!

    • Why only 10 presets?
    • Ability to name presets (ideally also a 'station name' in lieu of RDS) I want to be able to see "90.5 WBER - Dance Music", etc.
    • move the 'Add' button to the left, freeing up a 'button space' for the next bullet item
    • instead of only showing 4 radio buttons, show 5 that are 1/2 width
    • if (# buttons == 10) then button.label = 'delete'. (it's silly it still says 'add', but then alerts when i try to)
    • I should be able to use the visualizers with radio (I can for CD and MP3)
    • categories would also be nice feature

    • Queue music menu should remember where I left off and show last or current song in display list. it's frustrating that it always resets to my first alphabetical MP3 or #1 CD track
    • the gray bar with the song is too big and truncates the track name. it needs to adjust the font dynamically, or just pick a smaller point size font. also, the timing seems set too fast or something as it's very choppy and not smooth at all.
    • the 'now playing' screen (with the album cover and 1-5 stars) should show genre, total track time, time left, etc.
    • the 'now playing' screen should have ALL the play, pause, FF, RW, stop, next, prev, etc.. visible all the time, why do I have to make it float up from the bottom, there's nothing else on that page but a big blank area.
    • the floating controls needs a "play/pause" button (like VIDEO module has). Yes, I know you can use gestures, now. it's not intuitive or consistent to not have pause option.
    • the visualizer needs a way to change. AFAICT, the only way to change it is to keep toggling in and out of 'now playing' / 'visualize' mode. that's annoying. how about if you use a next/prev gesture on the top of the screen it switches visualizer, and anywhere from middle down (same gesture) works as it does now.
    • visualizer should overlay the artist, track, length, stars. this should be an option to set the time between displays (and at the start of each new track). it's annoying to have to switch out just to see what the song is i'm hearing.
    • as mentioned with the RADIO module, there should be two columns of 5 1/2 size buttons when you enter this module.
    • there needs to be a dedicated "CD" button on the left side. scrolling to the bottom of some list is counter-intuitive. button should only show if CD is in drive.
    • the same could be said for an "iPOD" button on the left too. button should only show if iPod attached.
    • when I search for a song and select it, DO NOT auto-play, give me a menu with 'Play Now', 'Play Next', 'Add to Playlist', then when i click the left arrow (upper right) it should take me back to the same search results!
    • if a track is selected to play next, it should indicate so next to it
    • if a track is in the playlist queue, it should show the # in line
    • I have 15000 songs, 1300 albums and 940 artists... there has to be a better way to search. holding the down arrow stops after six screen fulls. always. (bug). Take a queue from the way the iPod works here. holding the arrows should start slow then accelerate, then just show big alphabetical letters superimposed till I stop on one. Even better would be to let me just use letter gestures on the search screens. So if I swipe "M", it doesn't jump to the MUSIC module, it jumps to the first artist/song/album that starts with "m".
    • {10/03/2007} Deleting a song puts you in some limbo state. You have to go back to select the music again, but you don't know where you were because it resets the list to the top.
    • {10/03/2007} When in the song detail page, when you pull up the controls bar, as you press FWD/BKWD, the big gray bar shows up which is annoying b/c you're already on the song detail, you don't need to see that again.
    • {10/03/2007} The little bargraph EQ that plays over a track name is FAKE!? That's so dissapointing.
    • {10/03/2007} There needs to be a way to 'pin down' the control bar so it doesn't go away.
    • {10/03/2007} The Visualizers need to a way to show the current track info superimposed over them all the time, or possibly with a timer so every x seconds the song info will show up again and again.
    • {10/03/2007} if you have the control console up and in the queue'd music view, it doesn't change the queued music track listing!? it should jump to and highlight whatever song you just FF/RW to!
    • {10/03/2007} what is the distinction between the highlight and the bargraph EQ anyways. bargraph seems to be song that's playing, but the highlight just seems useless.
    • {10/03/2007} I could not figure out how to play an audio CD that I had in the drive which was stopped. I tried to choose "D:\" but nothing happens. I had to eject and re-insert the CD.
    • {10/03/2007} On now playing screen, there is 'add all by _____' there should also be 'view all by (artist/album)' buttons so that you can pick and choose songs easier.
    • {11/05/2007} there's an extremely annoying bug whereby if you pause a track, then turn the car off (i.e. suspend SD), when you return and power up again, the playlist is empty and the nowplaying is empty. in other words, you cannot just un-pause the track you previously paused! you have to go back to view queue and choose a track and do all that again. what's even worse, is you don't know WTF you were in the list.
    • {11/05/2007} when re-indexing, click silver details bubble on top, it goes to a detail page that shows you more information, yet the silver bubble thing is still showing too, and worse, it overlaps the text of the detail page. the silver bubble should go away.
    • {11/05/2007} It's silly that I can't use the audio visualizers in "non-test" mode!! Every stereo that you can buy now has some kind of visualizer. This is so stupid. ...So, it's okay that I have to look at the screen to navigate menus, and I can also look at the GPS/maps to watch street names, look for next turns and distances, etc, but having a visualizer show random colors or a frequency bargraph is somehow less safe. This logic is flawed.
    • {11/05/2007} There needs to be a FF (and RW) buttons in addition to the slider. When you're listening to a long track (like a DJ set which may be an hour or two), the granularity of the slider is not fine enough. you touch it and it jumps like 15 minutes or more! I just want to FF (and HEAR the track at the same time) like if it were a CD player, so I can start playing again when I audibly hear the FF track changing to a new song.

    • Generally okay. I haven't tried a real DVD, only movies on the hard drive.
    • I did press the DVD button and it goes windowed and locks up. VTDISP and VTMINI.SYS errors then a nice B.S.O.D.
    • the search button says "Save", which is confusing.
    • YouTube module would be nice feature.

    • the little swoopy upward arrow (which i read as previous screen) sits over the first picture on each screen. that's nice and all, except when you press it, the picture that it's covering shows, rather than going 'back'... at least that's how I expect it to work and am confused by it.
    • the "1 out of 33" at the bottom never changes? it should be what _page_ I'm on and should tell me something like this: "page: 2/7 pictures: 33"
    • if you search for some pictures, then view one, then use the prev/next buttons, you're not limited to the search results?!
    • the picture name, date, etc in upper left is way too small a font and white color is even harder to see. maybe a font with some shadow to it would stand out more
    • previous and next gestures should change picture, not music (or implement my 'visualiser idea' above, where the screen is divided so top half is prev/next pic, bottom half is song)

    • "Graphs" should be the topmost button and on by default when the module starts
    • what good is this 'Relay' thing? it shouldn't show up unless i have 'relays' or whatever I'd need to actually use it
    • ability to record all the sensors (think blackbox on airplane). reset the log file each time SD starts
    • my Elmscan5 shows me like 8 pages of data using the ScanTool freeware, but SD only shows me a handful of them
    • also the font is way too big (again)

    • There desparately needs to be a way to pre-download all the textures, at multiple magnifications, for a given region. Say, input a ZIP code and a radius (50 miles). This could be a command line tool or whatever, as you'd only do it from home or something once in a while anyways. no pretty GUI needed.
    • I only have the 8 tiles or so around my house (where I was connected online at the time i fired up the GPS), but now if i switch to hybrid mode anwhere else, SD just shows the same tiles of my home area, yet I'm nowhere near that area! WTF.
    • need ability to mark current location as a favorite. As in, you drive somewhere (not a created route), then you want to "pushpin" that spot.
    • the actual route/pathing needs some work. I was leaving my gym and just for fun had SD navigate me, and it was WAY WAY off base as to the best way to go. TomTom never has any problems, and that's running on my Treo650 smart phone!
    • SD is too damn persistent. I purposely ignored the path it told me to go (knowing my way was better), and it must have 're-routed' and insisted that I turn around or various other things to get on the path it wanted me to take earlier. It wasn't smart enough to re-route a new path trajectory. One thing I found really disturbing was that at one point, it literally wanted me to jump on the highway only to get off in like 1 exit, yet if I just drove straight (as I *do*), I would be about 2 miles shorter distance, as the highway curves around.
    • seriously, TomTom. It pretty much rocks -- although SD is much prettier I do have to say.
    • the "character" compass indicator is kinda lame looking. it should be a better font, and it's also not centered/lined up correctly.
    • and it's astonishing that you can't navigate to a contact's address. Again, I can't sress enough how you should be using/reading outlook.pst files integrated into SD more.
    • {10/03/2007} There needs to be a way to have the GPS voice talk over the music. Starting and stopping the music is just irratating.
    • {10/03/2007} Most of the map text (like street names) is upside down?!
    • {10/03/2007} The POI icons should be vertical planes, not flat on the road -- look at how TomTom does this.
    • {10/03/2007} The search button is 'red' but in other search modules (music, video, etc) the button is silver.
    • {11/05/2007} using the tool "SDMapCache" (, I painstakingly downloaded the tiles (16 & 15 zoom) for my area. Now when I drive over 40+ mph, the stupid tiles pop in like they want to work, then they pop out again because apparently I'm moving too fast for this G4 to keep up or something and they haven't completed loading (even though they look like they have to me!) That is so lame. I can't think of any reason the tiles should ever NOT load, even if i changed direction or something, those tiles are still valid!
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    Wow, great write up!

    Couple of repsonses for you....

    First of all, I can tell you, this will get moved out of the Bug Reports.... Nothing here really is a 'bug'

    Second, Roughly half of your bullets can be easily fixed using the skin editor. I like your ideas.... Make up a skin, and I will use it :-D Positions, size of buttons, displayed info, its all pretty easy to change with the skin editor.

    I do agre with your navigation bit too. I have all the same frustrations, having worked with Streets & Trips previously, I like the feature that allows you to drag your route where you want it.

    I almost wonder, if with your experience, and ideas.... maybe you should join the Streetdeck team? LOL
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    Thread moved. If you have bugs to report, please do so following the same format as the other bug reports.

    Many of your points have been covered in depth in previous threads. I would recomend searching on some of them to read up on them and possibly read explinations about why things are done the way they are.

    The orientation of buttons is something that our lead developer has spent YEARS researching. Chuck has a masters degree studying human interfaces. The design of the interface of StreetDeck is done for a reason. If you wish to have buttons in different places you have the right and the ability to make a new skin. Yes, I realize you don't think you should have to do so, however, if we implemented every chage that everyone lists just because they want it the way they want it we wouldn't have a product capable of being released due to the time it would take to revamp everything per every users wishes.

    Your requests to be able to access Windows easily goes against the intentions of StreetDeck. StreetDeck is designed to be safe and easy to use while driving. The software must abide by local and national laws in regards to limiting functionality while moving.
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    Please post on the forums! Chances are, someone else has or will have the same questions as you!

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    Quote Originally Posted by mangus580 View Post
    I almost wonder, if with your experience, and ideas.... maybe you should join the Streetdeck team? LOL
    You know, it's funny you mention that. I have been considering a career change. I have been a web programmer, 3D game designer, professional musician/audio engineer, and now I do network security. I'm an entrepreneur and have founded three multi-million dollar companies now and am two years into another new venture of my own.

    I was thinking how making StreetDeck into the absolute best, most robust, most professional, stable, useable and powerful front end available now or anywhere would be a dream job -- an opportunity I would have never even knew existed a couple years ago and now I see all sorts of amazing potential in the CarPC space.

    The problems I see are:
    • I live in Seattle with no intention of moving back east (I grew up in NY) -- although ironically one of my very best friends just moved to MD (where SD is located) last Friday! He's an awesome psy-trance producer and DJ BTW if anyone is into that:
    • I really don't know C (assuming that's what it's written in) or Windows programming -- I'm all LAMP/PHP/DHTML/XML/JS/SQL/Ruby/J++ ... not that I'm unwilling to learn, but I doubt a company as small as StreetDeck will want to ramp me up.
    • I'm not sure they could afford me.

    But I would absolutely love to be a PM or volunteer my time to have features implemented.

    I do dissagree with you a bit. I think there are several 'bugs' listed. At my current job, I am the triage manager (amongst other duties) over 15 developers and we have almost 12,000 CRs (Change Requests) logged (I've been here since CR1 obviously). A "bug" doesn't necessarily mean a "crash", and often times it doesn't. That's why there are severity levels of bugs. ;-)
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    I definitely agree on the button issues. I don't see why designers want to waste space and make the user have to do more scrolling.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RedGTiVR6 View Post
    The orientation of buttons is something that our lead developer has spent YEARS researching. Chuck has a masters degree studying human interfaces. The design of the interface of StreetDeck is done for a reason.
    Clearly they're not working. Many people have made the same comment about the buttons being too wide and wasting too much space. That's one of the first things people mention when I show them this. Your logic is flawed. So it's okay to have a tiny play, stop, ff, rw button, but it's not okay to have two rows of radio station buttons, but then it's okay to have a list of 10 quick jumps to said radio stations. That's just one example.

    Quote Originally Posted by RedGTiVR6 View Post
    If you wish to have buttons in different places you have the right and the ability to make a new skin. Yes, I realize you don't think you should have to do so, however, if we implemented every chage that everyone lists just because they want it the way they want it we wouldn't have a product capable of being released due to the time it would take to revamp everything per every users wishes.
    Yeah, imagine a product that was written with the consumer in mind! GASP. OMG! Something people might actually enjoy using, find intuitive, flexible and non-frustrating. The horror... you'd have to hire more programmers and expand your company. Clearly "ChucK' doesn't have a degree in business then. THAT'S THE WHOLE POINT OF A PRODUCT! You are SUPPOSED to write it with the customer in mind and implement what THEY want, and how THEY want to use it. I would make a wild guess and say that 90% of all the suggestions submitted by ANYONE, every other SD user would appreciate being implemented. These are the people using it EVERYDAY.

    Dont' get me wrong, I know _what_ you are saying. There are often times I don't particularly want to implement a feature for a customer at my job too, but you know what, at the end of the day, THEY pay the bills, and without them, I'm just a guy with a lot of code that nobody is using.

    I suggest you guys read this article:
    Especially the 80/20 rule paragraphs (towards the bottom)

    I can't believe the audacity of your statement. You make it seem like SD is doing US a favor. YOU work for US! Again, I'm not trying to be a jerk, but if you truley believe otherwise, then you really are in the wrong business, in fact, you shouldn't be in any business that deals with a consumer.

    Quote Originally Posted by RedGTiVR6 View Post
    Your requests to be able to access Windows easily goes against the intentions of StreetDeck. StreetDeck is designed to be safe and easy to use while driving. The software must abide by local and national laws in regards to limiting functionality while moving.
    That makes no sense! There is a "TOGGLE FULLSCREEN" button. YOU put it there! Having it display the SD window covering other windows is not making things any safer for me, as I now have to keep moving it all around to get to the content I want. Or the other trick is to just select one of the options on the right (such as "my computer"), then close that window. Magically SD is minimized to the taskbar. If you must "abide by laws", then only show the button if you're in "testmode" like you circumvent the laws for video playback. Your logic is flawed. again.

    RedGTiVR6, I feel you and I are butting heads. Perhaps we're both A-type personalities. I'm positive we both have the same goal in mind -- to make SD the most amazing front-end CarPC available. I also have no doubt that you are well skilled and a ninja master at CarPCs. But sometimes the master learns from the student -- and as a total newbie to this, it may behoove you to listen and really take in the things I'm saying, as a consumer, as a user, and as a patron (who pays your sallary and bills). Sometimes when one is too close to "their baby", they loose sight of certain things. Tunnel vision happens. I know, I do it too. But at the end of the day, you have to decide what's more important, writing a tool that people want, or writing a tool that YOU want, and make them wedge into it...

    peace, and I have no hard feelings, while I think that this can be a positive discussion if we all have open minds, I don't see that happening, so I will try to refrain from fueling any more "arguments". If I see things I believe to be broken, or features I want, I'll still suggest them, and if they're not implemented ... well, then Centrafuse or Road Runner or Digital Dash or who knows what front ends are on the horizon, will, eventually, and my dollars will go elsewhere than StreetDeck... keep in mind, I am not just one voice or one consumer... my friends ask me recommendations and I've currently got three of them with credit card in hand waiting to purchase as soon as the more serious bugs I've encountered (GPS, no mute, backup camera crashes system) are fixed.

    And to end on a positive note, as I often try to do in life, I applaud the SD team for not only taking the chance on bringing the Infill G4 to the USA, but for the incredible SD software they've made and only at version 1.1.0.

    I absolutely love gestures. I would love to see them used more and in other ways. Can you do stuff with multiple "points" (like two fingers? for example, maybe dragging index and middle finger down for pause instead of just one finger. you know, like a "pause" symbol looks) then you could also do more things like use an index and thumb and turn in a circle to increase volume, widen index and thumb on a picture or GPS to zoom in and out, etc... you get the idea. Oh ****, was that just a feature request I accidentally slipped in here? Sorry.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DAE51D View Post
    Clearly they're not working.
    Sorry, but most of the "bugs" you list are not bugs at all...and I can't understand why you aren't able to differentiate between a program bug and a feature that you desire/personal preference, especially given your resume. Bugs are reproducible errors that prevent the stated features of a program from operating as intended...many of the items you list instead reflect interface design changes/feature requests you would like to see implemented:

    • the size of the mute text
    • the width of the buttons
    • the number of buttons
    • QWERTY keyboard display
    • on screen buttons that change in response to keyboard keypresses
    • preference for additional information on the now playing screen
    • preference that SD always returns to the pre-hibernation screen post-resume

    Each of the program elements listed above functions exactly as intended...which means they are not bugs. Furthermore, SD is available as a fully functional evaluation download, so you should have known about the interface limitations (as you see them) before you ever purchased the product. You still have the right to complain about/ask for feature improvements post-purchase, of course, but it seems that you probably should have evaluated the product a bit more critically before you bought.

    Additionally, Red is correct in stating that every (or even most) feature requests by end users can't be implemented. In fact, a good software engineer must implement new features sparingly to maintain functionality and usability of the program. Adding features that only a minority of users may ever find useful complicates the program for the majority of users. A good, practical example of this is the feature set of the iPod. Even though there are many other mp3 players on the market that are both less expensive than and have a larger feature set than the iPod, the iPod is successful because the features that it does have are so well implemented the interface is intuitive and requires no real training to use.

    However, the beauty of SD is that you can tailor the program interface however you'd like to reflect even the smallest personal preference...and if you don't want to invest the time to do so, then perhaps you should reevaluate just how important the feature that you're requesting actually is to you.

    That said, there are quite a few actual bugs in the program that I don't feel have been adequately addressed with subsequent revisions. For example, I still can't play a DVD from within SD, even though I have all proper codecs installed and can play the same video from within WMP...that bug has been there since 0.7.something, and is widely reported on this forum.

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    the only question i have about this, is how does it hookup to the other audio system?

    I run everything off amps .. (front/rear/sub .. 6 RCA plugs in total).

    Any pics of the back of the unit?

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    Please post on the forums! Chances are, someone else has or will have the same questions as you!

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    Add another feature for the hardware/software side... most audio integrated mboards nowadays offer a software feature to change what channels are output on the Audio jacks.. ie: mic could be a mono/sub .. .should be a feature to have the channels changed so that one main output (not mono/sub) goes into an Equilizier... just on this feature alone i've quashed this

    tho I love that the face flips down to reveal slot load DVD.

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