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Thread: FM Radio has echo

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    FM Radio has echo

    Using a WinTV-FM PCI card for Radio and TV. I first got the 8x8wdm plug in working radiator directly like others had and that works no problem. THen I dropped the plug in into streeddeck and confirgured it. Works as expected but there is a echo on all stations that does not exist in Radiator.

    Any ideas anyone?

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    I don't know how exactly your card works, but make sure that you microphone inputs are muted on both output and input mixers of your sound card. I had the same problem with G4/Centrafuse, and the mic was the culprit.

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    Mute the output device line or the recording device line. Developer (I am Chuck)
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    It turned out not to be the Mic

    But it was easy the setting on the input was did not match between streetdeck and the radio card.

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