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Thread: Cant load Navigation.

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    Cant load Navigation.

    Hey I have a little problem.

    I bought the DVD and for some unknown reason to me, my DVD player in the CarPC was not reading it. I took it home and copied the folder structure on an External HDD. I took that to my car and tried to install Mappoint. Everything went smoothly. However when I click on the navigation module I get a msgbox that says "Navigation module not installed..etc"

    heres what i get in the log

    INFO: ********************************************************************************
    INFO: StreetDeck Application Data Log
    INFO: Log started: Wednesday, September 05,  07:14 PM
    INFO: Application Version:
    INFO: Command Line: 
    INFO: ********************************************************************************
    WARNING: CNAVController::CreateHostWindow - Create - The requested lookup key was not found in any active activation context.000036b7
    WARNING: CUVAppData::OnPreCreate - Could not create navigation host window!
    INFO: CNAVController::~CNAVController - Navigation components unloaded.
    	OnPreCreate - Initialization time 0.016 / 0.016 seconds.

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    nevermind i got

    new problem though...when i toggle night doesnt stay on

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    lol solved that too...searching really does help..

    mods.please delete this thread.

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