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Thread: StreetDeck registration problems.

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    StreetDeck registration problems.

    I couldn't find any streetdeck contact email, so I am writing here...
    I have a problem. The problem is that my Lilliput Tc 1000 doesn't work (it restarts after running ANY 3D program (ex. StreetDeck) . the problem is with hardware). I registered StreetDeck on that unit (using the hardware and check code of that tc-1000). Now I am sending it back for refund, and I already bought another one. Is it still possible to re-register StreetDeck for the new received tc-1000?
    thank you

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    Yes. But you can only do it 2 or 3 times I believe
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    You will want to contact the MP3Car store for this kind of question.
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