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Thread: Is there a pause button in SD??

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    Is there a pause button in SD??

    Hi there,

    have been trialing the SD software on my home PC for a few days now and have noticed that there isnt a pause button for music like there is for videos.
    Am I going crazy, or is there really no pause. Im sure this will turn out to be a stupid question, but total noob here.



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    no, i think you're right. I've always petitioned for the play button to be play/pause, and at one time altered the skin to do so.

    I have no time to do any skin modifications these days, so I'd love it if the pause button would be implemented myself. Note, you can gesture pause in the mean time (straight line down on the screen).

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    A pause button can be skinned easily\ wherever you'd like it.

    A down gesture will toggle play/pause, and do it from any module, I believe.
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    How about the Wiki?

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    Actually, right now, the down gesture is play/stop. It's a known bug and I believe it's going to be fixed in the next release.
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