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Thread: Additional screen?

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    Quote Originally Posted by RedGTiVR6 View Post
    Any time we have a project come up and the customer wants multi monitor support, we tell them that it's not currently supported in SD. I know this has been discussed in some other threads on the forum already.
    Then you really should not list it as a feature on the streetdeck website... That would be false advertising. Could get you into hot water at a later date.

    Quote Originally Posted by RedGTiVR6 View Post
    That's why we have the support line for the store.
    Bah... dont worry about me that much... I will stew happily in peace :-)

    I try not to use support lines, as I know it costs alot more for the resources to 'man' a phone line, than it does to do the same for a forum.

    I guess in the end... I felt that with our theorizing as to why its setup the way it is, I had thought that maybe Chuck or someone else would have mentioned the REAL reason its setup like it is. Maybe it goes along the same lines as his ergonomics theory on the buttons :-)

    I guess for now, I will just continue to run video on my primary screen to keep the boy happy in the back seat. I hate doing it, as it will catch up with me some day.... but I suppose the Law will probably believe me when I say I am not watching "Magic School Bus" or "Sesame Street" while driving!!
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    I agree that it shouldn't be advertised...however I do not have control over that.
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    Please post on the forums! Chances are, someone else has or will have the same questions as you!

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    Interesting revelation...

    I did NOT know, that you can drag your taskbar to the second screen.... Which will help this problem alot!

    Now the only real problem... is where windows wants to display any errors, etc.
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    really? hmmm I know that for Nvidia cards.. there is a utility for the multi monitor stuff where you can tell windows on what screen to open anything... I wonder if that will work? ...

    I'll see if I can make time to play with this tonight
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    There are shareware apps that can manage multiple monitors for you in windows, including extending the taskbar across both windows, with contents matching the contents of the window.

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    SD team needs to add CORRECT dual monitor support in a future if they want to have more customers, especially because multi mon support is one of the major options which many people need (children at the back sit and stuff like this)

    in my case (NVidea card) I have the following setup:

    VGA output goes to my VGA screen
    SVideo output goes to my 2 headrest screens thru video amp
    VGA and SVideo outputs are in Clone mode (what ever on the VGA screen is will be on the back screens)

    I set up my NVidea card to play video always on SVideo output.
    Now when I start my video in SD it plays on main VGA screen and on rear screens as well. If I press Back to main menu button on VGA screen than I will have main menu or what ever I want (GPS, Settings, Car Diagnostic, etc - what ever does not involve video to shut down), and with the same time on my rear screens I still have video playing

    So I can turn on video on the back screens and have Map or Internet on the front screen.

    It is only one solution which I found and it is usefull for me. But as soon as you switch from video to XM or MP3 on the rear screens you will get the same picture as you have on the main VGA screen

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