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Thread: Error on launching NAV

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    Error on launching NAV

    I encountered a problem last night, and I'd really prefer not to reinstall Streetdeck and reconfigure it so I'm hoping someone here can help me.

    Last night I turned on my car, carpc booted up, and for some reason Streetdeck loaded up with it's default colours. The wizard came up as though I had never used it before. I set it all back to match my dash, hit music, and it started to reindex my music. Once that finished, I went through all the settings, made sure that all the ports for ELMSCAN and GPS are correct, and started the Nav module. Is said initializing Nav, then a windows error message comes up with an error, and won't let me close it. The error has a red X, and states "The parameter is incorrect", and puts the PC into a loop. I keep hitting ok, and it keeps beeping. The only way to get out of it is to reboot the system. I know it's not the nav receiver, as I can run the nav software that came with the system and it sees it, and gets satlock right away.

    What happened and how do I fix this? If anyone needs more info, please guide me on where I can obtain it.

    thanks in advance,


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    I am having this problem as well.

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    Well, I fixed my problem.
    Uninstalled Streetdeck, mappoint, and the voices, deleted the streetdeck folder in my documents, went into the registry, and pulled out anything/everything related to streetdeck... rebooted, and reinstalled it from the cd, then upgraded to the newest version. Works fine. It just sucks to have to redo all the custom settings, media paths, etc.

    Caution: save your Virtual Earth Folder before deleting streetdeck, that way, you won't have to redownload it all again. I searched the forums, and there is no other fix posted anywhere.

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