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Thread: Street Deck Team Assistance

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    Street Deck Team Assistance

    I have been having some trouble with video latency. At first I thought after installing my new sound card (Turtle Beach Roadie) it was stealing the thunder, but not the case. When watching video through WMP directly, I have no hang ups. When using SD, the video hangs up, but sound has no issue. Is there a solution? Please help because i would hate to have to switch out of SD to watch video.

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    So I guess we'll just push this under the rug? Anyone else having issues like this?

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    So... Because someone doesn't answer within 24 hours, you assume it's being ignored?

    Also, it would help if you provided the specs for your computer. Latency issues are often a result of codec problems or hardware that ismply isn't up to the task of playing videos.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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    I'm not assuming I'm being ignored becuase of 24hrs without a response. When I see over 50 views, I'll assume someone from the Team had to of seen it especially since the team is the moderator. Rather than me call the team with every minor issue, I would assume, from what it says on the website about tech support, I would get a response from the forum in a timely manner. Not trying to be a d@#k, but I've had other questions along the way that have gone unanswered. I posted my specs. Any help would be appreciated.

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