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Thread: Syncing Folders

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    Syncing Folders

    I'm trying like h3ll to get my music synced from my home network to my carputer running streetdeck. I have heard there are problems with the wifi sync and was trying to figure out another solution. I came across synctoy (microsoft powertoy) and thought I would give it a shot.

    Unfortunately I have yet to get it working like it should. To make things more difficult, my home network is a domain, while my carputer is not joined to that domain (resides in a workgroup).

    My main problem is that it seems I will either end up with 2 copies of all my media on the carpc, or else I will have to copy everything right to the _indexed folder. For example, my directory structure is as follows:

    D:\Music\_indexed\ Indexed music folder
    D:\Music\unindexed\ Unindexed music folder

    When I copy filed from my home network to the carpc, I copy them to the unindexed folder. When streetdeck starts, it searches that folder and moves the files to the indexed folder. If I set synctoy to sync the unindexed folder, then it must re-index the entire home network each time, because there will never be any files there (except maybe duplicates).

    The other option would be to sync the _indexed folder to my home network music folder. I am unsure what effects this will have on streetdeck. I also thought about adding the _indexed folder to the Monitored Folders in WMP and just syncing everything to that folder, but again not sure what effects this will have. Can anyone help me out?


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    i've never used the SD sync. i create a bogus directory for the unindexed music, and use robocopy to copy straight to my indexed folder location (with the following switches: /mir /XC /XN /XO, otherwise you copy unneccessarily). i then periodically tell SD to reindex, or just open WMP and let it do it automatically.

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