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Thread: Questions about a future update or even 2.0.

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    Lightbulb Questions about a future update or even 2.0.

    I am a current customer but am looking forward to 2.0 simply because I use my SD for Navi more so then anything else

    +Will 2.0 have a revamped navi or will it still run off ms?

    +Will navi please be a little more accurate? I hate how my SD navi refuses to tell me North, East, West, South. If there is a highway and both 46 East and 46 West is both on my right, my navi will say "take right to US46" It's a crap shoot and half the time I find out the hardware it meant the other entrance ramp which is extremely annoying.

    +I find it extremely annoying seeing my friends 3+ year old navi in his car have a much better POI (sd's is absolutely horrible if you ask me, I have yet to have it find anything at all even huge stores like best buy)

    +Easier summaries of multiple routes to a specific location?

    +Could there be a gesture or button added to "add current location to favorite" I tried for 20 minutes creating a simple gesture but couldn't get it to recognize it at all, even when i changed the gesture to just a simple > gesture.

    +Could videos auto go to the next in the list like music does?

    +Indexing, its horrible for me I could never get it to work correctly. Now when I need to re-index I just fire up WMP and have it resort my library and its fine like that.

    +An option to download music album covers via the internet directly to SD?

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    to get the gestures to work.. when you record the gesture.. make the gesture as many different times as you can... it will record every single slight variation of the gesture and it improves its ability to recognize the gesture tremendously
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    The number of POIs, direction information for some roads, and multiple route display are all known limitations. We are going to try to address them in the next version, but I can not comment on specifics until we are positive of a release date.

    Downloading album art and video playlists are not currently planned features. Developer (I am Chuck)
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