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Thread: Shall I buy Streetdeck or stay with Infill Station?

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    Question Shall I buy Streetdeck or stay with Infill Station?


    I am using an Infill G4 with the infill station software.
    I tried several FrontEnds, Centrafuse was the last try.
    Than I saw, that in some countries the G4 is sold as a bundle with the Streetdeck software. So this should be the next try, I think.
    I already downloaded the trial version and will install it tomorrow morning on the G4. Right now I am testing it on my PC at home.

    And here are my questions:
    - As I am living in Germany, I would need navigation support for Germany, of course. Which map data will SD use, or is there a special european version?
    - Is TMC useable? Right now I am using Navigon Navigator 2.0 in connection with the Infill Station software, as Centrafuse doesn't support TMC yet. The traffice information is provided by ShowGPS.
    - Is there a nice black/orange skin you can recommend?

    Thanks for your recomandations,

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    there is a euro version available.

    traffic is not yet integrated into SD, and won't be until version 2.0 (no release date for that, but a 'should be released this year' statement from dev was given)

    don't know about the skins

    Hope that helps. Alles Gute,

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    According to other posts, Streetdeck will use MSN Direct for traffic data. Does MSN Direct work outside of US, I am not sure, but I feel like it wont..


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