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Thread: Internet radio option disappeared

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    Internet radio option disappeared

    I purchased streetdeck a few days and everything was working fine. Including Yahoo’s internet radio option.
    Today I received my DVD with all the maps so I installed the maps and everything else that was on the CD.
    After installing the DVD, the internet radio option in SD disappeared and I can’t find it anywhere. There is no option to add it anywhere. It used to be as option number 1 on the main menu but it completely disappeared.
    Anyone has any idea on how to fix this?



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    What version of SD is installed presently?
    I bet you need to install an update, as what's on the DVD isn't the most current.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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    It's always safe to assume that the DVD isn't the most recent version.

    Go and download the most recent update and install it.
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