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Thread: OBDII Module doesn't work in streetdeck

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    Hey guys it looks like MP3car has given up on us all together. Anyways I wrote a nasty email to them this morning hopefully it will get them moving...But I doubt it.... (its below)

    Hello Mp3car,

    I have been waiting for a response on my issue with interfacing Streetdeck and ELM Scan for over a month. I have used all means you have suggested including forurms and the bug reporting system. I am not sure why have a bug reporting system if you are not going to fix the bugs. I am also not the only one out there with this issue and let me quote someone from your forums just to let you know what people are thinking about this matter. Maxxell wrote on Mar 23:

    "How are those updates going? Looks like a lot of people are having
    this issue. Does Streetdeck work with the OBD module for ANYBODY? Is
    this a systemic problem?

    I find it very disingenuous for Streetdeck to continue offering the
    Elmscan hardware and advertise it as compatible with the software when
    it's clear there is a big problem and nobody seems to be doing anything
    about it."

    After the inital response of "check you com port" I have not recieved a reply of any sort regarding this matter. Please tell me what you plan on doing otherwise I would like a refund on my purchase, including shipping as it is not my problem that you can not commit to what you advertise.

    I have even attempted to call for the past 2 weeks only to get the response from your automated system that you are closed (by the way when are you open? are you ever open?). Not to mention that your mailbox is always full.

    If this is support then it is a joke. It seems as if your company as taken my money and then sat back and laughed at me for falling for the bait. For $200 I expect someone to pick up the phone at the very least especially when someone is a brand new customer and is having issues with supported hardware and software. For a company that relies on word of mouth and forums for a majority of their sales I would say you are on your path to failure.

    Please respond.

    Thank You

    Alok Patel

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    According to our records you are using a non-supported hardware configuration. It is unfortunate you have decided to criticize us when we are trying to help support you on hardware that is not designed for StreetDeck.

    "I have a 600MHz ULV embedded processor, 2 GB ram, 128 MB Onboard Video, USB 2.0, 40 GB HD, etc. Custom made computer"

    We are doing our best to solve this even though this is outside the range of what we support. There are many people successfully using the elmscan products on StreetDeck.

    Perhaps you should try them elmscan on a laptop or other supported hardware as a troubleshooting step. Run StreetDeck in demo mode and try the proper com port.

    Please report your findings in the post i mentioned before.

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