I have a few queries/niggles I would like to ask:-

Screen Blanking:
If windows is set to blank the screen after a given time (i.e. 5mins) using other frontends its allows my screen to blank to black, but when streetdeck is running the screen always stays on - This can be very dsitractive on Motorway Driving at Night. - Can this option be changed?

Music Search (browse drive):
When a drive is browsed and an artist or song is added to the queue, when you go back into browse drive, the artist list is back 'A' and not where you left it. This can be frustrating - can this be changed?

Spectrum Analyser:
Is this an animated gfx since it does not seem to respond to the actually frequencies of the music. For instance playing a single tone generated from my synth makes the whole scale move as if a full track was playing