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Thread: this is ridiculous

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    It's funny the Redgti said mp3car and sd are seperate. I remember when SD came out, they tooted SD as there software, in fact I tried to get SD to let me sell there software but they told me they are part of MP3CAR and for obvious reasons this could never happen. MP3CAR needs to step up to the plate here and accept there losses with this and make sure people are getting what they paid for.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BlueF View Post
    Wow! How sad (maybe)...

    StreetDeck is the only reason I would run a carPC.

    Having tried all the other interfaces I could get my hands on (including Centrafuse, RoadRunner, etc) none of those come close in terms of usability and aesthetic.
    My words !! *cry*

    But I already have a really nice laborious full integrated carpc, and feel like a duped fool now.

    I would spend another 200$ bucks on SD rather than getting CF for free!

    So please SD, tell us what's going on?
    Don't leave me thinking I spend 2000$ and many hours and won't have bluetooth phone some time...


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    I have to say I am rather perturbed about this situation. There is no response to our simple question about what the situation with SD is, but they have the nerve to answer other questions on the board.

    A statement, any statement at this point would be sufficient to settle us. No matter what you tell us, at least we will know if we should look into other solutions for our carpc.

    As for RedGTiVR6 other statement about MP3car not being the father company of StreetDeck, I'm not sure he knows what he is talking about. MP3car is the only beneficiary of the sales of StreetDeck. That and the fact that when I bought my G4 with SD from the MP3cars store I signed a Non-Disclosure Agreement with StreetDeck and MP3car where they refer to each other as the same entity with the same contacts and addresses. As those are the facts, MP3car knowingly hiding information about the company while selling the product to the open market will be consider as defrauding the general public and would leave both companies open for class action lawsuits.

    Which is why I'm sure that is not what they are doing. I think if SD is going down the drain MP3car will provide their customers with a solution to compensate for the loss of service, support, bug fixes, and upgrades. That would be the only solution for the benefit of their company and the consumer.

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    looks like I opened a can of worms!!


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    Bummer. Not even a guess at the time frame of when an announcment will be coming from the higher ups. It's like saying the house you rent is in "walk to the beach" distance. I can walk a long way. Forthcoming... this week, within a few wmonths... when they get around to it? I hate to waste the time Road Runner is going to take, but since I am not to thrilled with centrafuse I may have no choice. Come on SD, more info please. Are you dead, or simply working some back door deals, new management, for sale, merging with someone else, or simply abandoning everything. Working a deal with a car MFG like Sync and Mygig? Hello??? echo.....

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    Why'd you switch to Centrafuse, Jan?

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    Quote Originally Posted by S4Per View Post
    Why'd you switch to Centrafuse, Jan?
    +1 ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by S4Per View Post
    Why'd you switch to Centrafuse, Jan?
    Quote Originally Posted by tek818 View Post
    +1 ...
    I'm not sure this is the best direction to take...I'm not sure the answer matters that much, and I think it could cause some trouble for RedGTI. She is likely bound by fairly rigid NDAs due to her employment, and I'd hate to see her get in trouble because a fairly innocent answer might later be misconstrued or misinterpreted out of context. She's already helped to the extent that she feels she can...I don't think she'd withhold helpful information from us if she felt she could responsibly share that situation.

    I do agree with the comments above regarding the confusing corporate relationship between mp3car and SD. While they may technically be separate companies (hard to dispute that if they are both legally incorporated independently), the distinction is not, and hasn't ever been transparent to the end users. In the end, though, I'm not sure how much that affects this situation, as whoever is ultimately owns SD is ultimately responsible for providing support and ensuring that their advertising used to sell their product is accurate. I think the extent of the SD, inc., relationship to mp3car will be rather quickly and decisively established should lawyers come a 'callin.

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    I am just as frustrated as everyone here with SD, but let's not make this about Jan. Last time I saw her at a Dallas meet (December, I think?), she said she had been using Centrafuse for some time and simply prefers it to SD. This isn't some new thing. Some like RR, some like SD, and some prefer CF. Additionally, gripes with the way GoC has been handling things were discussed then.

    Think of it more like having a super star on your baseball team (GoC) who, despite their talents (coding, in this case), has some major issues but is the only one who can reconcile them. The rest of the team is getting the blame (which is partially fair), but GoC isn't even hearing it.

    I think this is why there's a sketchy thing going on between GoC (SD) and everyone else (mp3car), but I am just as clueless as everyone else here. Thought I'd just give my two cents.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tek818 View Post
    +1 ...
    it's not like it's a big secret. I'm an audio person, and since I compete in audio, I have to find the best audio processing avaliable in an easy to use interface. Centrafuse is it for me.
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