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Thread: StreetDeck Status

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    I have asked people to keep this thread free of off topics post and make you critism constructive. It seems that this is no longer happening.

    Due to the number of off topic conversations, I am closing this thread until an announcement is made.
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    This thread has made into a sticky as requested. It will remain this way until an announcement is made or the admins decide to change it as they see fit.
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    Quote Originally Posted by pamunoz View Post
    LOLOLOLOL - I wonder if they're going to censor me again.

    And I had a valid point to make... which they're not happy about because it would mean no money for them.
    Actually, I simply deleted your post for the reasons Meddler already pointed out. You may note that I did not issue an infraction because it seemed to me that you were probably unaware of the rule and just letting off steam.

    Let me repeat this one last time so everyone gets it:

    Mods (myself included) do not work for mp3car or Streetdeck. We have no financial ties with either company. Most of us, like you, have never met the owners of mp3car and perform mod duties voluntarily.

    However, we are invested in the success of the forums and want them to be a premier online location for car PC information. We monitor as much of the forum as we can to to ensure rules are followed because we think that makes it easier for people to find what they need, post what they've done, or ask questions.

    There is no free pass granted on the forums due to anger or frustration over any situation.
    Quote Originally Posted by ghettocruzer View Post
    I was gung ho on building a PC [until] just recently. However, between my new phone having internet and GPS and all...and this kit...Im starting to have trouble justfiying it haha.
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    MP3Car and StreetDeck Developer Part Ways

    MP3Car and StreetDeck Developer Part Ways after Two Year Partnership to develop Mobile Platform

    After over two years of partnership to develop the StreetDeck software mobile platform, MP3Car, Inc. and the creator of the software, DigitalWheelz, LLC, have decided to part ways. This strategic decision was reached after years of investment and support of the StreetDeck software by MP3Car.
    Over the last year, MP3Car and DigitalWheelz have diverged in terms of vision and goals. It is expected that this decision will benefit each company’s respective customers by allowing MP3Car and DigitalWheelz to focus on providing better products and services going forward.
    “While the decision to separate has been a difficult one to make,” said Robert Wray, owner of MP3Car, “we are confident at MP3Car that this is the best decision for StreetDeck customers and the future of MP3Car. It is time for MP3Car to focus on the needs of the forum users and provide better support to the forums.”
    MP3Car has decided to shift away from product development and toward supporting innovators via the MP3Car Forums and the MP3Car online store. DigitalWheelz will continue to pursue StreetDeck software development initiatives.
    MP3Car and DigitalWheelz recognize that this announcement follows six months of silence regarding the future of StreetDeck. However, with this decision, StreetDeck users can expect support and communication to improve immediately. “DigitalWheelz is very excited about achieving StreetDeck’s full potential and we will begin the process immediately.” says Chuck Holbrook, creator of StreetDeck and managing member of DigitalWheelz, LLC. All inquiries regarding StreetDeck software products and services should be directed to [email protected].
    It is expected that StreetDeck will continue to be sold at as well as through other venues.

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