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Thread: StreetDeck Status

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    The most dissapointing part is that this should have been said weeks ago. Now its too little too late.

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    Quote Originally Posted by danielkh View Post
    This is why, if I were FO, I wouldn't have said a word. It started that "If you just tell us something, we'll be fine."

    So he does that and then it's "No, we want more."

    It's a lose, lose. Better not to waste the time.
    I would just like to see them put some sort of technical support behind streetdeck until they get this situation resolved. If that's 'more' then yes.....I want 'more'. Hell, I should be entitled to 'more'.....since I paid for it.

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    I am prepard to wait a month , after all , SD works with most things at present , so at least we have something we can use lets just wait another month and see whats going on , all this comments will not help or change anything thats going on , so lets just all give them another chance

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    Quote Originally Posted by gazorp View Post
    You can delete as many times as you want, but this post is definitely the weak sauce. I guess thanks for letting me know i should jump ship now than wait around for another month of empty promises.
    Quote Originally Posted by jsdr78 View Post
    i like streetdeck software. but doing bussiness you guys sucks. we will keep drinking in the bar until we get a proffesional responce to "what is going on"

    and go ahead and delete this comment too
    If you had read my post, I deleted your posts because they were neither helpful or constructive. If you have somehting to say, say it, but make it constructive, not just some one line comment.

    This thread will be cleaned of useless posts, Hence your posts have been deleted again.
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    Talking Thanks for breaking the silence!


    Thanks for dropping us a note!

    As an executive member of a privately held firm myself, I can definitely understand how difficult it can be to maintain customer excitement while maintaining strategic and tactical privacy.

    Please note that while there are many frustrated posts in the forums, I feel these only come from frustrated fans of SD who don't want to be forced into a different product since we believe in the one we've purchased!

    We will sit tight a bit longer and work a bit harder ourselves to bring our own contributions to light too.

    Patiently waiting,
    Chris (PCKScout)
    SD Fan

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    Thanks for the update FO. While I still fall in the boat with the other customers who are dissatisfied with how this whole situation has been handled, this latest post is the clarification for which most of us have been asking. I, for one, shouldn't have much to post for another month or so. I'm looking forward to the news in a month! Cheers.

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    HAHAHA!!!, I find it so very funny that you guys are all bent out of shape because of a few weeks/months of no responses. Listen, I'm a PS3 gamer and the one this Sony has been saying it will release since before the PS3 even existed was an online service called Home. Do you know how long its been since the announcement of home? Over 2 years... Do you know how much info we, the general PS3 community, have? It might come out fall of this year, or be delayed for the 5th or 6th time. We barely have any leaked info on Home... Read the Home forums on the playstation website, you'll see what I mean. It's sad really, BUT... If a huge corp like Sony can/is do/ing this then I believe a smaller comp like MP3Car and SD can have as much time as they would like to get there **** together, I can wait a month, or two... Keep this in mind: The end dose justify the means. However, in saying that, the end needs to be worth it because if its not thats when the real problems start. I use SD and love it so good luck MP3Car and SD I'll be waiting pashently...
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    If you guys aren't happy with corporate statements, and being "under the man" so to speak, learn how to program and design your own frontend. Thats what I did b/c of a situation similar to this (remember Carplayer?) and we ended up with MediaEngine. Don't poop on the Streetdeck design team because you aren't happy, just show everyone what you are willing to do in response to your unhappyness.
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    Ok for one thing, streetdeck isn't free and I know this. Neither was carplayer. Streetdeck is taking its sweet time to announce stuff. So did carplayer. See the resemblance? I'm just saying that posting stuff about not liking someone or some company's public actions is not as pro-active as doing something about it.
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    I have been watching the SD threads for a while.... I saw so many MANY posts asking for a response as to whats going on. The top of this thread is just that, sure it is kind of late in the coming, but it is a response, and what everyone has been asking for.

    Now it's not good enough because it does not give the details for what is in the works. This is probably one of the reason for the long delay in making that post. It is very hard for a company to make a statement when they really can't disclose anything.

    It is clear there is something big is in the works and it just can not be discussed quite yet. I have been in this situation personally quite a few times, and wanted so bad to be able to tell people of things to come, and keep the customers better informed, and just not been able to. Either to stay ahead of the competition, or do to a gag order.

    I have no idea what the situation is involving SD, but I can for 100% certainty say that is has never been the intent to upset the users or willingly keep them in the dark. This is definitely done out of necessity for whatever the reason may be.

    MP3Car has made some vast improvements over the past few months, and is working very hard to be even better. I realize that the "we will tell you soon" is tough to swallow, when you have been told this before. All I can say, looking at MP3Car, they really are trying to improve many aspects of the business and support. So be upset as you may, try to cut them a little more slack, and lets just see whats in the works.

    Sure the first post at the top of this thread may not hold all the answers that everyone wants, and that post is even quite late in coming. BUT.... I personally 100% understand that there is probably a damn good reason for having to keep whatever is going on under wraps, and I am sure they want to resolve this just a quickly as they possibly can.
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