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Thread: no night mode for G4 (screen super bright)

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    no night mode for G4 (screen super bright)

    Is there any way SD developers could make night mode available for the G4 edition also? When I am driving at night the screen is very very bright and distracting. When I turn on the lights my screen only dims a bit and I have it on the lowest brightness setting. Thanks.

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    I've posted about this before

    and was shot down by RedGTiVR6 for some reason. I don't think she understood what I was suggesting.
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    {10/03/2007} dimming (night mode) does not go nearly dim enough. the screen is so bright at night, it's blinding -- thank God the Scion tC has that shade I can pull down. The settings should allow me to set the dim all the way to black if I want.

    StreetDeck is not designed to solely be used with the G4, it's designed to be purchased as a stand-along piece of software that can be used on other PCs and screens as well. In my car, going to night mode in StreetDeck is actually perfect, going any darker would make it unreadable. I point this out to show that there are others needs that need to be looked into here, not just those with the G4.
    My point was, there is currently a settings screen with a slider that is for the 'dim' mode. IMHO,that slider should allow you to go from full bright all the way to black/off. This way it will work for everyone to their preference. It only lets you go from full bright to a little bit dim the way it is now. Lame.
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    That is exactly what I was trying to get across too. Thank you for backing me up.

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