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Thread: problem with music

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    problem with music

    When I click on music, nothing shows up. Like I have no music on my computer. When I check my computer, my music all 2,3030 songs and files are there. When I open wmp11 it says add music to library. There is no way to add the music files. It like wmp11 cant see my file on my computer. In return if wmp11 dont see them, then thats why streetdeck has no music either. The only way I can play music in street deck is to browse harddrive for music. Is there any way to fixing this?

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    Start -> Programs -> Streetdeck -> Tools -> Edit media paths
    There you can set the paths to video, music, pictures, USB, etc.
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    the problem is it is set to the right media path. It like wmp cant find my music folder on my computer. My wmp has no music added. what next?

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    Check your eventviewer and see if there are any WMP errors.

    Sometimes, after a hardware change (new memory, new CPU), WMP's license info for DRM files gets corrupted. The good news is it's easy to fix.

    Let me know if that helps or not...I've had some weird stuff happen in WMP before, and it's a total pain to troubleshoot.

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