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Thread: Sd Poll

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    Sd Poll

    I didn't know how to make a poll. This is to determine if SD should be moved at least till further notice from the SD staff into the "no longer supported" front ends. Like I said in previous threads. i don't think it is fair for potential buyers of a front end to think it is supported when for the time being it is not. I love the product and def. hate to see it drop if it does and would love to see it grow as per my purchase of it, but we all know where we stand as of now.

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    SD beats everything. So there. danielkh's Avatar
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    would THIS be considered support? WHOOOHOOO!!

    06/27/08 In the retail sector One Voice just delivered several thousand
    copies of Media Center Communicator(TM) for national distribution in
    OfficeMax stores throughout the U.S. Next week One Voice will launch
    beta versions of our new Say2Play(TM) and MobileVoice StreetDeck(TM)
    software for download. We look forward to consumer feedback during our
    beta period to help One Voice continue to deliver quality products and
    to continue to grow our retail offerings. Visit for product information and beta
    availability coming next week.
    My opinion is my own.

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    Quote Originally Posted by danielkh View Post
    would THIS be considered support? WHOOOHOOO!!


    Ironically, if you go to that OneVoice site and click on Support, it throws your browser into an endless cavalcade of popups (at least with Firefox).

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    So another 30 days have passed since the last word heard from SD (which was not really much help) and no support from SD at all in the last 60 days (to say the least), I definitely think its time to move StreetDeck to the "No Longer Supported" front ends. Keeping this as supported software is false adverting. Leading your customers to believe they can get support from mp3car, WHICH IS NOT THE CASE. Thus this gives mp3car a bad reputation, a loss of credibility and a loss of customer base, just like SD which is not affiliated with mp3car, right? Well anyway, MOVE STREETDECK TO THE NOT SUPPORTED FRONT END.

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