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Thread: Trouble Reinstalling

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    Trouble Reinstalling

    Hello everyone,

    Not sure if this is a somewhat common problem but i just purchased a new gps receiver and it uses a different comm port than my old one, so i went to change it in streetdeck and it would not let me. when i tried to save it said "invalid argument" . I know i set the comm port when i installed streetdeck so i am willing to just uninstall and reinstall the program. So i went through the uninstall wizard and everything went good, but i do not think it actually uninstalled because when i reinstalled it again my settings were saved and it did not take me back to the initial setup like i wanted. Is there a way to completely wipe streetdeck off my computer so i can do a fresh reinstall and change those initial settings?

    Thanks guys,

    - Kevin

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    This place appears a bit dead when it comes to support.
    You should head over to
    People there will surely help you fix the reinstall issue.
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