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Thread: Disable Nav Voice Guidance?

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    Disable Nav Voice Guidance?

    Nav Voice Guidance constantly interrupts my audio stream, even if the Voice volume is set to zero. Many times I'm using nav software for an ETA, or just reading the screen for quick reminders - not relying on it for turn-by-turn audio instructions. iGuidance lets me casually turn voice guidance on & off right from its main display screen.

    I can't find a switch to do this in SD2.0, even after hunting around the blizzard of other customization options in the various settings pages.

    The manual includes a tantalizing mention of being able to control this:
    "Voice Guidance should be given when:"
    ...however, this option doesn't actually exist anywhere in my Nav options page. Was this removed last-minute from v2? Was is present in v1?

    Any pointers most appreciated!

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    Ditto, having the same issue.

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