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Thread: StreetDeck - Satellite Imagery Download Fix

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    StreetDeck - Satellite Imagery Download Fix

    Although I may be the last person using StreetDeck, it works well for me and I want to continue using it.

    While I was reviewing the StreetDeck exe for my previous problem (now deleted thread), I fixed a couple of other issues that were bugging me for a while.

    1. When running StreetDeck with the "-testmode" flag, it displays a warning nag. This warning is now removed, while maintaining the testmode functionality.
    2. It has been a few years since you could download satellite imagery to overlay on the map. The imagery source has been changed from DigitalGlobe/Globexplorer to VirtualEarth.

    To install:
    1. Go to C:\Program Files\StreetDeck
    2. Rename "StreetDeck.exe" to "StreetDeck.orig"
    3. Extract ""
    4. Rename "StreetDeck_map-enabled_testmode-nag-disabled.exe" to "StreetDeck.exe"

    The zip file only contains the StreetDeck.exe, it is not a full installer. Search for "StreetDeck" to download the full installer, since StreetDeck is no longer available from the original website (
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