Well, we've definitely got two camps within the mp3car forums - people building solutions, and those looking for a "provided solution." From what I see (as quite the newbie here), the former is the core of the mp3car forums, with the people in the "StreetDeck" board being somewhat of a mix of both camps.

The installation in your Mustang is absolutely superb, I think anyone would agree (the zipties may not be pretty, but I still love 'em, and you can't see it anyway!). I would be proud to have something like that in my Porsche, but then you have to admit I would need to accept a little more involvement with the build of the thing. And I am totally willing to admit that I want to outsource as much of this build as I can, be it to an installer or to technologists making the pre-built box for the installer.

That said, I am hoping to find something as near as I can that would allow this handoff between the purchased technology (like StreetDeck) and my installer. The intention is to isolate the two groups (technologists and installer/fabricators) to prevent one from having to know too much about the other.

Many of you guys here on mp3car.com are a wonderfully rare breed of both sides - mechanically skilled and capable, as well as technologically savvy. Thank God you guys are out there doing all this, because it is from this that creates the solutions I am looking for, and honestly I think many are looking for and are willing to pay. Supporting this point I site chuyler1's comment above: "I guess someone could stand to make a profit if they made a double-din mounting mold for one of the popular screens sold on www.mp3car.com. I know I'd buy one."

Not all of us are craftsmen, and that's a good thing, I believe. This specialization is what drives our economy. But I digress.

Bottom Line: I need you guys to start selling all this cool stuff on mp3car.com so I can hand it to my installer and get my sweet double-DIN "mp3car" bumpin on down the road!