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Thread: A Few Simple Questions

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    A Few Simple Questions

    I just ordered a streetdeck package from the mp3car store, and i'm curious as to how hard it is to install. I really know nothing about cars and car electronics and whatnot. So is it something i should be able to do on my own pretty easy?
    also, does this unit have a builtin DVD drive? or are you guys using like an external USB one? or just running really long IDE cables? or what? do any of you guys happen to have pics of your streetdecks installed? thanks for the help :]

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    Yes it does come with a DVD drive in the trunk unit. Its about as hard to install as a headunit and aftermarket amp assuming you got the motorized touchscreen with it. The hardest part is going to be running all the data cables and power lines from the battery and head unit to the rear. Developer (I am Chuck)
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    wait... you said, assuming i got the motorized touchscreen with it....

    doesn't it come with that? or did i need to order that separately. haha

    Edit: nevermind about the touchscreen, i see you there is an option to buy it without. but it defaultly comes with it, so yes, i will be recieving the touchscreen.

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