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Thread: Bugs i've had since purchasing streetdeck

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    Bugs i've had since purchasing streetdeck

    ok, so i purchesed and installed a streetdeck trunkmount system a couple weeks ago. i love it. awesome system. but i have been having a few bugs.

    One day my screen randomly flipped sideways, i just looked down at the screen, and it was sideways. dont know why. a reset fixed it. then after that, the screen will randomly flip upside down. and now its at a point, where everything is rightside up, until it gets to the screen after the windows spash screen with the progress bar, then after that, everything is upside down (desktop, etc)...until streetdeck starts up, then it corrects itself. but if streetdeck crashes, it will go back to the desktop being upside down.

    lots of random crashes. dvd wont ever play dvd's unless i startup the system without a dvd in, and then put it in.

    but, all that aside, i love this software. well done.

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    I have beta tested on multiple platforms (including the MB896 that StreetDeck uses as part of the standard package) and I've not had random crashes and have left it running overnight (hooked to ac power)... seems pretty stable to me though I don't use it for DVD.

    Maybe your unit is overheating? That's all I can think of - maybe talk to tech support...

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    well, if it were a heat problem i would assume the computer would freeze and lockup and/or reboot. not just crash only the streetdeck software itself. the rest of the computer and operating system keep running fine.

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