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Can StreetDeck be made to do this: (similar to a laptop), where you can have it go to standby for a period of time (I would like 12 hours), but if it stays in standby for longer, it will automatically hibernate?
I haven't tested this with SD yet, I'm having non-related issues but this used to work with my MII/Opus and DriveSoft.

I think you have to set a hibernate timer-tick in the Control Panel->Power Options->Power Schemes tab, and then set "When I press the power button on my computer" to Standby. For this to work the polarity of the power lead has to be correct on the Opus. Then set SD to standby on shutdown... I assume?

As long as SD doesn't filter/block the power requests while in standby; transition form Stdby to Hibernate should work automatically and the system should wake from standby and then hibernate after the set interval.

Ideally SD would veto power state transitions while active (but not idled) so that the hibernate interval could be set to around 1 hour and have hibernate attempts fails while driving but not while idled. It's already vetoing hibernation attempts while active, not sure about in standby.

You should also check that your system is capable of entering S3 standby (make sure that it is set in BIOS -- both the MII and MB896 allow you to select S1 or S3 as the standby power level). On XP SP2 you can see what states are available by executing powercfg -availablesleepstates from a cmd prompt. S1 is useless - although the system will wake quicker, it leaves the system for the most part powered up with fans, pci, USB etc. powered.

Be aware that the VIA boards apparently are intended to support wake from USB in S3 and continue to supply standby power to USB devices and this increases the amperage draw while in standby. The iBase MB896 doesn't seem to do this.