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Thread: Still in BETA version?

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    Still in BETA version?

    Is the StreetDeck thing still in Beta form? I realize that it will be updated forever, but has a full consumer version been released yet? If not, what kinds of things are they working on right now, and when will they be completed?

    On their website, they give the impression that they are selling a hardware/software package. Is this the case, or will we be able to buy a CD or something with all the software down the road?

    Maybe I missing something. Hardware? Software? Beta? Complete? Thanks in advance for any information.

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    Yeah, were still in BETA. We have a big StreetDeck vision that extends for years and were still finding the odd bug or two with the hardware and software setup. Were also waiting on hardware accessories were making and 06 nav data. We will be in BETA for at least another month, but there will be a software only version with a time limited demo that will come out during that time.

    Expect to hear an official announcement on a software only release sometime next week. Developer (I am Chuck)
    Get StreetDeck at
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    Thanks for the info. When completed - for the most part - will things be upgradeable - like storage space, memory, etc.?

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