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Thread: A simple question

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    Quote Originally Posted by IVG
    first of all it is not touch screen and that will be very annyoing without it, and second, i am not sure that this is a screen you can connect to a pc... the control of the GPS now is extremely uncomfortable.

    I think 2k1Toaster was saying to take the current/factory screen out and then put in your touchscreen.... and not to use the screen that came with it.
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    As long as your replacing a 7" screen with a 7" Touchscreen you should be fine. You will have to take apart the aftermarket touchscreen and ditch the case. A little FAB work to mount the new screen in the OEM location and not even infinity will be able to tell the difference. I know I could do this without a problem but im in michigan. If you do not have the tools and skills to take small electronics apart than its probably best you find someone who can otherwise your going to end up with a broken g35 and a broken xenarc. . .
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    go to the next socal meet and we can help you design your system and you can get some ideas. if you are up for learning how to do it yourself you are welcome to stop by my place one weekend and i can give you a hand. you'll have to get into 'the thick' though, i'll be working on my (re)install right along with you so I cant totally spoon feed you. maybe we can get together with 3ondubs and have a mini install meet.
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