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Thread: StreetDeck PC Specs

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    StreetDeck PC Specs

    I've looked around and wasn't able to find dimensions for the PC itself included in the Streetdeck system. Just wondering about these so I can start planning a location for it in my car.

    Also, what sound card is included with it? Specific brand, Model No? Does it have a Digital Out?

    Is there a CD-R/DVD-R drive on the PC?

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    Think I might have answered one of my questions by looking around the mp3car store. Looks like this is the PC you get (Mini-ITX Vehicle PC Case w/ built in 120w power supply) with the following dimensions....

    358mm x 232mm x 80mm
    14.32" x 9.28" x 3.2"
    1.70kg / 3.75 LBS

    Still curious about sound card, optical drive that is included with the package.

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    The sound card is embedded in the motherboard. The motherboard specs can be found here:

    It comes with a DVD drive.

    I really like the sound card on the motherboard, its louder then any other sound card I have used in the car, including an external extigy 2, and it does have optical out. I'm not qualified from an audiophile perspective to say whether it is the best quality sound card, it probably isn't, but I still like it better then any other sound card I used. In any case you can always upgrade to an external USB sound card later. Developer (I am Chuck)
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