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Thread: GPS problems - Dev Edition

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    GPS problems - Dev Edition

    Playing with the developer version and my copy of Microsoft Map Point I decided to try and use my bluetooth GPS and see if it would work with Streetdeck. The bluetooth GPS is setup as a bluetooth serial connection on comm 3. Mappoint picks up the GPS just fine and works without trouble. However when i try to set up the comm port in Streetdeck i get an error:
    Failed to set Comm State (error=87 the parameter is incorrect.00000057)
    this could easily be dismissed as a bluetooth incompatibility issue, but i'd like to get more to the question of why this isnt working for future development ideas. Any thoughts?

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    I'm having the same issue.

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    Exact same problem with my Garmin GPS10 Bluetooth GPS and DLink BT-120 Bluetooth dongle.

    Works with Mappoint and everything else. Just not SD.

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    Do you know the parameters it is suppose to work at? i.e. Baudrate, byte size, stopbits, flow control? Developer (I am Chuck)
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