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Thread: Streetdeck Assistance and Bug Report

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    Streetdeck Assistance and Bug Report

    As a person who has likely had some of the most issues with the Streetdeck, I figured I'd put it all down here and maybe give some insight to those having difficulty...

    First off, my Streetdeck software was locking up on a regular basis causing crashes that could not be resolved. By luck, I discovered that the reason for this is if you have an .mp3 that has an invalid format, or is named as another format, dialog boxes pop up in the background that you never see (i.e. "the file appears to be a different format then the extension"). The problem is that Streetdeck fights for control with the operating system attempting to keep itself in the foreground so that you can't do anything illegal behind the scenes while running the software and driving (like pulling up something from the desktop and playing with it). Dialog boxes also demand that you select a resolution before you can continue with the application, therefore you end up with Streetdeck fighting for the foreground and the dialog box you can't see in the background forcing a response - this causes a lockup you can't resolve other then shutting down windows and bringing it back up. My proposed solution (that I haven't tried myself yet) is to rename a file to the wrong format, open it in windows media player and when it prompts you tell it to never ask the question again (it's a checkbox on the dialog box)...

    I also found that version fixed a lot of strange quirks I had with my earlier versions of Streetdeck - like the song overlay stopped displaying and never came back, and when it did it would sometimes get jerky and lock up the pc. The "back" function on music was randomly choosing songs, and sometimes selecting "all" for the music would cause Streetdeck to lock up. By uninstalling the version I had and reinstalling, all of these issues were resolved.

    I also started playing with some of the plugins that were handed down to me and they all worked great. The satellite locator plugin while trivial, is actually the best clean platform if you use gestures to navigate your music while driving. The lack of buttons keeps you from making mistakes while gesturing next, back, stop, etc. and the dark background with the implemented music title overlay has good contrast and gives you a clear representation of what is playing even when lighting on the lcd is not so great...

    My last issue I had was with the accuracy of the GPS - I haven't heard any complaints, so I guess it is just me, but I have never been able to get the pinpoint accuracy you would expect - even after two antennas, internal and external locations, and software upgrades, etc... I am starting to think this has more to do with Microsoft Maps and my city then it does the hardware...

    What I would really like to see is the digital mods come out to the public for download. A night/day for the gps would be great not only to darken it up at night, but also to give good contrast when lighting is poor on the lcd during the day. And how about a gamma controller and a fully functional EQ/Volume controller that is available while driving (including WAVE Volume, Master Volume, CD Volume, etc.)

    Perhaps a mod that has a single song player would be nice too - Like a clean interface with just the large image of the album, a large music navigation, and maybe even the music overlay that stays up and the time on the song... a "detail view" so to speak.... Which brings me to the topic of mods - why is it that mods are not selectable when driving even when some of them are less distracting then any of the other functionality of Streetdeck (i.e. Satellite Locator)?

    I still think that Streetdeck should be updating it's list in the background after you select a playlist so that it moves to the song it's playing instead of having to scroll all the way down the list yourself...

    I believe that this unit is far superior to the "Eclipse AVN" I owned in terms of functionality, expansion options, and MP3, but there are a few little things design-wise I would "borrow" from it (some of the ideas listed above - EQ, NIGHT MAPS, MP3 DETAIL SCREEN)

    ...A hint on drivers: if it ain't broke, don't fix it (it might break)

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    We are giving up on exclusive fullscreen mode in Streetdeck with the next patch. This will mean windows dialogs can be shown over streetdeck and should fix the lockup issues.

    The volume module will be safe while driving. There is already an EQ under the music settings, it will remain locked while driving.

    A high contrast map view as well as gamma control have been implemented, they will probably make it in the next patch.

    The DigitalMods are still a work in progress and wont' be released until the SDK is finalized. They default to being unsafe, but can be written to use while driving, it just hasn't happened yet though. Developer (I am Chuck)
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    Is there a switch or setup option for selecting 'high contrast' maps? The current 'white road on pale bluish land' is not optimal (I am using

    Feature request: A nice angled view full screen map, without music selection at bottom or faux clouds on the horizon, would be nice. Think of it as an angle view of the 'browse' mode.

    The angled view is nice, but too narrow a band of map information.

    I like the smooth scrolling mode, btw.

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