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Thread: Music Directory Issues

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    Music Directory Issues

    I have a 80gb Hdd filled with songs (about 11,000 or so) when i go into Music>Select Music>Directory and click Play All SD hangs for a while and then closes out. I'm wondering if the reason SD hangs is just because it is working to find and compute everything and if there wasnt an automatic program close it wouldnt just get through the calculations and create a playlist for all songs based by directory. Is there a way to increase the time before SD times out and closes.
    or is there another way i should be attempting this?

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    Close the StreetDeck tray app. Goto C:\program files\Streetdeck and rename SDTrayApp.exe to something else. Then try running it again and let me know what happens. If it simply just taking a long time to enumerate everything, that should stop it from timing out. Developer (I am Chuck)
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