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Thread: External Apps & DUN connection question

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    External Apps & DUN connection question

    Here's a question that's bugging me....

    For an internet connection, I've got it setup to dial using my Treo650. No problem there. I can not, however, create a shortcut in External Apps that will dial the DUN connection.

    Firefox will dial the DUN connection automatically, and it launches from the External Apps just fine.

    I'm using Leddy's WhereIsMyGPS client for GPS tracking. That launches from External Apps with no problem, however, it doesn't trigger the DUN connection.

    So it's kind of a pain to load Firefox just to connect to the 'net, then launch WIMGPS.
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    So are you saying that if you create a shortcut to firefox in external apps, it wont launch the dial up wizard, but it will when you launch it from the windows shortcut? Developer (I am Chuck)
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