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Thread: Will Bluetooth Delorme GPS work with Streetdeck?

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    Will Bluetooth Delorme GPS work with Streetdeck?

    1. I have a Delorme Earthmate GPS, along with the Bluetooth PowerPack they used to sell about a two years ago. I am wondering if Streetdeck along with Mappoint 2006 will work with the Bluetooth PowerPack, if I have a USB bluetooth transmitter/receiver plugged into one of my USB ports??

    2. When the software DVD is shipped later this month will this open up/install Mappoint 2006? In other words will this allow the Navigation to become active????

    Thanks for any input... fiveslo

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    1. Any GPS unit with NMEA output to a COM port (physical or virtual) will work with StreetDeck.

    2. It will install MapPoint map data only for the navigation portion. It will not install the MapPoint software, however.

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