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Thread: StreetDeck Double Din Car Computer

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    Sub Amp

    I have a amp for my sub and for my other speakers. Since you have RCA outs you can do what you want. It acts just like a rregular stereo. The only problem i am haveing is that when listening to radio I only get stereo sound no sub I am looking into what is hooked-up wrong or something.
    Maybe someone here can give me some help?

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    Hey guys -

    This unit really looks fantastic, and seems it would be perfect for me.

    I'm in the process of purchasing a 2006 RAV for and am very interested in adding a nav system to it. However, I'm a PC guy and would absolutely love to fit a PC into my new vehicle. However, I'm not really up to the 'car' part of the task (amps, wiring, interior work, etc...).

    I have some questions though:

    1 - Is this as easy to install as any other replacement nav head unit I might find?

    2 - Does the unit operate with the screen lowered, or just raised? The vents in my RAV4 are just above the head unit location, and I'd hate to block them.

    3 - Can I plug a USB keyboard & mouse into the front of the unit to install software, etc.. just like any other PC?

    4 - Are there any reviews of this unit anywhere?

    5 - I want to be able to do things, such as copy data to and from my wireless LAN at home. Install Outlook and have a synchronized copy of my contact lists and calendar. Any reason why I couldn't do these things?

    6 - Specs says it has 512MB of memory, upgradable to 1GB. Is this something I can upgrade easily before installing?

    7 - Says it has dual monitor support. Does this mean I can hook a screen into the rear seating area for DVD playback, etc.?

    Thanks guys!!

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    DVD Codec / Software Player

    I think this means you just need a dvd software player like Nvidia (NVDVD PURE) or WinDVD.


    Quote Originally Posted by god_of_cpu View Post
    That was cut and pasted from the StreetDeck software item description. It will support those features if you have the hardware for it. The Infill has hardware built in for many of those as described below it.

    Voice, bluetooth, satellite radio, and vehicle diagnostics are the only things that require additional hardware on the Infill. We will be releaseing accessories later this year that will work out of the box with StreetDeck on the Infill to support these optional features.

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    120 Gb Hdd

    From the english version of the Infill site:

    HDD 40GB / 80GB / 120GB Available

    Will we be able to purchase a 120 fromk the store soon?

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