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Thread: Infill T3 Questions

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    Infill T3 Questions

    Ok here is the deal.. I bought the T3 from Korea before it was released here in the states. Had a few problems had to send it back and just recently got it all working and install in my Truck. Now my question. Does the System that Streetdeck is selling have InfillStation installed and just using Streetdeck instead or does it only have streetdeck all English version. The InfillStation that I have is in English although some of the info comes across as Korean so it is a little hard to understand.
    I know that I did not buy the Streetdeck version but is there anything that Streetdeck can do to help me. I am using I-Guidance for my Navigation andeverthing is going off the Infillstation. Having a small problem with the GPS, the system sometimes has problems finding the GPS reciever. I do not know if this is a problem with the Infillstation and I-Guidance or the GPS reciever itself.

    Sorry for the long ramble.. Any help would be great. (Wish you where selling the system when I got mine, would have got it from Streetdeck instead)

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    Infillstation was made for Korea and does not ship with the T3s here. StreetDeck is the US software for the T3s. We only have 1 version of StreetDeck and the Infill specific hardware will work with the software only version if you download and install it. Developer (I am Chuck)
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    Will I-Guidance work with StreetDeck?

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    SD comes with its own nav maps. you wony need IG
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