Request: A combination of things which I think will lead to a better, more efficient experience.
  1. The preference for what type of route to take (shortest distance, time, etc.) should be a global one with the option to override for individual routes. This should be an option in the 'settings - navigation' area. This would in turn allow you to:

  2. On the CNavRouteTypeModule remove the 'route - shortest distance, time, etc.' options and just have 'route', 'view location only', add to favorites', and 'add as waypoint' which enables you not to have to scroll on this screen at all. Pushing 'route' will route according to your global preference that you've set in the navigation settings. You wouldn't miss not having these options here since as soon as you click 'route - ...' today, you're taken to CNavShowRouteModule which gives you a very simple method (radio buttons) to choose a different routing option if you so desire..otherwise just press 'begin navigation' and away you go.

  3. This will also, the majority of the time, take one more click out of the process of entering an address and starting navigation to it.