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Thread: Media paths won't save

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    Media paths won't save

    Ok I must be doing something retarded

    I have my music and movies stored in D:\muisc and e:\movies.

    I got to Streetdeck>tools>edit media paths

    The defaults are
    C:\Documents and Settings\Spyder\My Documents\My Music

    C:\Documents and Settings\Spyder\My Documents\My Videos

    I change these to

    I press save and launch streetdeck. My movies don't show. I close streetdeck and go back to edit media paths and the movies section has been set back to the default directory

    C:\Documents and Settings\Spyder\My Documents\My Videos
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    Theres a problem with the shortcut, run SDConfig.exe directly from the program files\StreetDeck directory and it should save. Developer (I am Chuck)
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    also all i did was right click on the icon and under properties i just put in C:\Program Files\StreetDeck

    and now it worked for me
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