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    Intall Manual

    Is there any install manuals for hooking up the StreetDeck Trunk Mount Hardware Bundle, that is not software setup of any kind, i mean the actual wiring and haranse schematics to help the install go along.

    The reason why i ask is im wondering how dificult it is to install it.


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    You basically need to hook up the power, from waht I understand. That would be +12v from the battery (fused is recommended), GND, and an IGN line.
    You might have to power the screen, also, depending on the model you get.

    Teh FAQ Emporium has lots of information about how to accomplish all of that.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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    I'll go ahead and tell you its not hard at all. It takes a little patience and a screw driver and you can do it. I started installing car audio amplifiers and such when I turned 16 just by jumping into it. Thats all you have to do, just jump in and do a lot of reading. I would suggest for a start.

    If you can run a extension cord in a house underneath a carpet then you can install a carputer. Its just a matter of finding where you want to hide the cables and then pulling up so panels and doing it. There are some safety percautions you should take.

    Always fuse your power lead(the one coming from your battery to your trunk). This protects your car from catching fire in case something grounds out. Many people mistake that this fuse just protects the equipment. The fuse usually needs to be within 14inches of the battery. To find out power requirements look up voltage(or maybe wire/fuses) on and it will tell you what amperage fuse you will need depending on the length and power requirements. Just read and ask a lot of questions(/search).

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