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Thread: Which FM/AM/RDS?? will Streetdeck Support?

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    Is there a specific version of Radiator, configuration, etc?

    My Streetdeck is crashing every time I try to start up the radio. From my previous formum info it works fine (developer mode on my P4 workstation). On my actual CAR-PC it crashes.

    System Specs:
    - PCC M791G Flex-ATX motherboard (7"x9")
    - s370 (CLE266/8235 chipset)
    - 4x USB 2.0
    - Tualatin (P3-M tech) based Celeron 1400mhz with 256k cache


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    There seems to be little info on FM Radio post-support.

    I downloaded (a while back) Streetdeck to see if I would like it. And I did so I purchased it.

    The FM Radio works in Developer mode on my P4 machine with no problems.

    My actual car PC is a different machine. My USB Radio works perfectly with RADIATOR. When I use Streetdeck and try to do any FM Radio function, Streetdeck crashes (prompting me to send an error report).

    Could there be a change in a DLL somewhere.... maybe I could swap the one on the machine where the radio works for the one where it does not work. I am not even sure it is possible or not but I am asking anyways.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DarquePervert View Post
    Streetdeck will work out of the box with any radiator-supported PC-based radio.
    There's no radio support for teh Radioshark.

    So you tell me...

    Has anyone been able to get RadioSHARK to work with SD? Which plug-in did you set SD to?


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